Air Duct Cleaning In Hospitals To Improve Air Quality

Air Duct Cleaning in Hospitals is important to keep patients safeWe turn to hospitals for so many stages in our lives- welcoming a new child into the world, curing our sicknesses and injuries, and grieving the loss of a life. According to the CDC, 35.1 million people visited a U.S. hospital for inpatient services, and an additional 125.7 million came for outpatient visits. With a United States population of 318 million, roughly half the population visited a hospital for care during the year.


This number doesn’t take into account the visitors and loved ones who come to visit, as well as doctors, nurses, staff members, inspectors, and everyone else who comes and goes in a hospital every day. Hospitals are busy places, which makes it essential that they are kept clean and safe for everyone inside, particularly patients whose immune systems are lowered.


Due to this, hospitals are usually cleaned thoroughly to reduce the risk of infection or a disease spreading throughout the building. Despite this, the CDC estimates that over 1.7 million people become infected while they are staying in a hospital, and many of these infections come from a source that doesn’t get regularly cleaned- the ventilation system.


Air duct cleaning in hospitals isn’t performed regularly because the ductwork is typically hidden behind the dropped ceiling, making it an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ situation. When the ductwork is allowed to get dirty bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus grow readily in it, and can spread throughout the building, causing harm to weakened patients.


Patients expect that they will be kept in a clean and safe room while they recover from an illness or surgery, and assume that the air indoors will be safer and cleaner than air outdoors. However, there have been numerous instances of patients getting sick and dying from exposure to polluted air within the hospital.


When people enter a hospital they are hoping to get better, and not get sicker from being there. Having air duct cleaning in hospitals performed improves the air quality and keep patients with weakened immune systems safe.



If you need air duct cleaning in your hospital, Hughes Environmental can keep your ductwork clean and the air your patients breathe safe.

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