Combustible Dust Remediation

enclosed conveyor belt at imperial sugar

Enclosed Conveyor Belts Lead To Dust Explosions

How do you solve the problem of material on a conveyor belt producing dust as it is being transferred, and fugitive dust getting into machinery and causing quality control issues? The obvious answer is to enclose the conveyor belt, which … Read More

Hos is metal dust able to burn

How Is Metal Dust Able To Burn?

A common situation we run into when visiting our customer’s locations is that they will have combustible dust throughout the facility, but not even realize that it is an explosion hazard. Most often, this is when there is some sort … Read More

Industrial fire and explosion at Nut Island

Industrial Fire and Dust Explosion Blamed On Fan

After a major industrial fire there is almost always an investigation to determine what led to the fire.  Knowing what the ignition source and the fuel were for the fire can help to avoid future fires, and processes can be … Read More

Combustible Spice Dust in Reno

Add Explosive Flavor With Combustible Spice Dust

The next time you’re cooking in the kitchen and want to add a little flavor to your food, remember that the spices you’re reaching for are a combustible dust. While being stored in small containers on a spice rack doesn’t … Read More