Combustible Dust Remediation

OSHA gives combustible dust fines to companies that put workers at risk

OSHA’s Combustible Dust Fines Add Up – Pt.2

In a previous post we talked about the combustible dust fines over $100,000 that OSHA gave companies. Several years after the Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program was started in 2008 OSHA prepared a report detailing the number of combustible dust … Read More

After Tianjin, China issues guide for combustible dust accumulation

China Issues Combustible Dust Accumulation Guide

China has had a severe problem with industrial explosions in the past, with several being caused by combustible dust China has had a severe problem with industrial explosions with several caused by combustible dust accumulations. Now there is a guide … Read More

An OSHA inspection after an amputation revealed issues for a combustible dust fine

Accidental Amputation Leads To Combustible Dust Fine

After a worker at a baby diaper recycling facility had four of his fingers amputated OSHA inspectors came to investigate how this accident could have happened. Their inspection revealed enough issues that the company ended up with $74,480 in proposed OSHA … Read More

A pipe manufacturer had a plastic dust fire in their plant

Plastic Pipe Manufacturing Causes Plastic Dust Fire

A company in Carrollton, Ohio that manufactures plastic pipes had a plastic dust fire in their manufacturing plant on August 22, 2015. Luckily no one was injured and the fire was extinguished before it could cause extensive damage. According to … Read More

circular saws area risk for causing explosions

A Circular Saw Causing An Explosion?

Circular saws can be a dangerous tool to use- OSHA has almost 500 reports of workers injured using one on the job. With all the risks involved with a spinning blade, worrying about causing an explosion is not something that … Read More