Combustible Dust Remediation

fire fighter in front of large fire

What Creates The Costliest Large Loss Fires?

While wildfires continue to ravage California, Texas, and other states, the news reports always mention the scale of the fire by the cost of the damage it has done. While these are the fires that get the most news attention, … Read More

small dust fire in swarovski crystal plant

Small Dust Fire At Swarovski Plant Costs Money Every Day

Just because the final product is something beautiful doesn’t mean that the manufacturing process should skip over safety measures, as a Swarovski Lighting plant in New York discovered. On November 11, 2015 a sanding and grinding booth caught fire when … Read More

Dust explosion process 6

How Does The Dust Explosion Pentagon Create An Explosion?

In the past we’ve talked about how the Fire Triangle was expanded into the Dust Explosion Pentagon to demonstrate what was needed for a dust explosion. Safety organizations, including the NFPA 654 and OSHA’s Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program, use … Read More

firefighters work to put out a sulfur dust fire

Sulfur Dust Fire Causes Issues For Firefighters

A grinding machine threw off a spark that caused nearby sulfur dust to ignite into a fire at a Sunbelt Chemicals plant in Alabama.  The fire occurred in the morning of Saturday, October 24th, and was caused when a side … Read More

history of combustible dust explosions

Don’t Repeat A History Of Combustible Dust Explosions

Eight years ago this month (October 18, 2007) OSHA began its Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program (NEP), which has helped to lower the risk of workers being exposed to explosive dust hazards. OSHA says the NEP’s purpose is to “inspect facilities … Read More