Combustible Dust Remediation

winter explosive dust risks

Why Do Explosive Dust Risks Increase In Winter?

With the hot summer temperatures through most of October and the beginning of November it seemed like winter would never get here. Now that the cold weather has finally settled in and it actually feels like winter outside, there is … Read More

Confined Dust explosion

Fire In The Ductwork Creates A Confined Dust Explosion

We’ve talked in the past about how when there is combustible dust in a facility it is usually safe to assume that there is more dust hidden inside the ductwork, creating a confined dust explosion hazard. Even with cleaning outside … Read More

Combustible dust fire in ductwork

Fire In Ductwork At Tennessee Manufacturing Plant

In the past we’ve discussed the importance of making sure ductwork is cleaned and free of any combustible dust accumulations, but it still continues to be an issue since the inside of the ducts are hidden. One manufacturing plant in … Read More

Fatal Dust Explosion Found To Be Preventable

Fatal Dust Explosion Found To Be Preventable

In February 2016 an explosion occurred in a Georgia chicken feed mill, killing a 25 year old worker and injuring 5 others severely enough to send them to the hospital. The explosion caused such damage to the building that the … Read More