Combustible Dust Remediation

OSHA inspectors found combustible dust fire hazards

Complaint To OSHA Found Combustible Dust Fire Hazards

OSHA acted on an anonymous complaint they received about a precision parts manufacturer in Wilmington, Delaware by sending an inspector to the facility on July 14, 2015. By the time the OSHA inspector finished they had issued twelve citations to … Read More

Top of explosion proof vacuum

How Do Our Explosion Proof Vacuums Work?

When Hughes Environmental technicians work on a combustible dust cleaning job they use certified explosion proof vacuum cleaners that the NFPA and OSHA require. These vacuums are designed to use compressed air to create a vacuum, and do not have … Read More

Martin Archery Magnesium Dust Fire

Martin Archery Destroyed By Magnesium Metal Dust Fire

Metal dust fires often have unique properties that make standard fire-fighting techniques unusable and cause it to be harder for firefighters to control them. This means that when firefighters are dealing with most industrial metal dust fires they focus on … Read More

Cleveland Packaging Materials Fire

Packaging Materials Fire Destroys Manufacturing Plant

Early in the morning of Monday June 6th a fire began at North Shore Strapping, a plant near Cleveland that manufactures packaging materials. Luckily, the building was closed at the time and there were no injuries or fatalities. It took … Read More