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Register Now: A Comprehensive Approach to Mitigate Combustible Dust

  A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH TO MITIGATE COMBUSTIBLE DUST A PRACTICAL SEMINAR FOR COMBUSTIBLE DUST Join us at the Iowa State University for a free seminar on A Comprehensive Approach to Mitigate Combustible Dust! Learn about the dangers of combustible dust, discover what industries are … Read More

Industrial Cleaning is not an expense

Industrial Cleaning Shouldn’t Be Seen As An Expense

Many of the facilities we are called to perform industrial cleaning for create manufacturing dust that can create severe employee hazards or other issues if not cleaned properly. Trying to manage the cleaning of a facility as well as the … Read More

Combustible Dust regulations

Getting Ready for OSHA Combustible Dust Regulations

With the NFPA publishing the NFPA 652 Standard on Fundamentals of Combustible Dust the new OSHA combustible dust standard can now move closer to becoming adopted. It is important to take a moment to look over what this standard with … Read More

Combustible dust removal needs to be added to factory cleaning schedules

Five Reasons to Get Rid of Dust In Your Factory

“What’s so bad about having a little bit of dust around? It’s not like it’s really hurting anything, is it?”   Most manufacturing plants produce some sort of dust during the manufacturing process, and with proper cleaning it doesn’t cause an … Read More