Combustible Dust Remediation

circular saws area risk for causing explosions

A Circular Saw Causing An Explosion?

Circular saws can be a dangerous tool to use- OSHA has almost 500 reports of workers injured using one on the job. With all the risks involved with a spinning blade, worrying about causing an explosion is not something that … Read More

Burn Prevention should be part of every Employee Safety Program

Burn Prevention as Part of an Employee Safety Program

Burns are unfortunately a major worry of many United States workers, despite burn prevention that can be taken by the company to reduce this risk. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has compiled data from 2013 that shows how large of … Read More

OSHA inspectors found combustible plastic dust hazards

Combustible Plastic Dust Leads To OSHA Fines

A plastic container manufacturing plant in Bryan, Texas was inspected by OSHA and fined for what the inspectors found. BWay Corp. was cited for 16 serious violations, including accumulations of combustible plastic dust and electrical hazards. This combination of violations … Read More

OSHA inspectors found combustible plastic dust hazards

Complaint To OSHA Found Combustible Dust Fire Hazards

OSHA acted on an anonymous complaint they received about a precision parts manufacturer in Wilmington, Delaware by sending an inspector to the facility on July 14, 2015. By the time the OSHA inspector finished they had issued twelve citations to … Read More

Top of explosion proof vacuum

How Do Our Explosion Proof Vacuums Work?

When Hughes Environmental technicians work on a combustible dust cleaning job they use certified explosion proof vacuum cleaners that the NFPA and OSHA require. These vacuums are designed to use compressed air to create a vacuum, and do not have … Read More