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UVC Light and Deep Clean For Industrial Facilities

In these unprecedented times, UVC disinfection and facility deep cleaning services are important to the health and safety of your employees. There are many reasons why industries are turning to germicidal UV technology for┬áindustrial air cleaning systems. First, they enable … Read More

UVC Light Disinfection Systems In The Food Industry

The coronavirus has caused many issues for businesses all across the globe. Companies in the food processing industry not only have to worry about the safety of their employees, but the safety of the food being processed. ┬áIf food is … Read More

Is Your Facility Ready To Go Back To Work?

Over the next several weeks and months, as areas stabilize from the pandemic and stay at home order restrictions are lifted, organizations like yours will begin to bring employees back into the physical workplace and open businesses to customers. No … Read More

News Feature: Commercial Sanitation Business

(Originally posted on “Many businesses are laying off, but one company is hiring. Hughes Environmental is a national hazmat cleanup company headquartered in Louisville. Its crews have been working all day, 7 days a week due to Coronavirus decontamination. … Read More