Ceiling and Rafter Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning is not an expense

Avoid High Expenses With Industrial Cleaning

Industrial facilities are always trying to find ways to reduce operating costs and save money in order to increase profits. Unfortunately, industrial cleaning services is often one area where budget cuts are made, leading to a lack of worker safety. … Read More

high surface cleaning

High Surface Dust Can Cause Dust Explosions

As an industrial facility, you produce a lot of dust, and over time that dust collects and needs to be properly cleaned on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many facilities only think about cleaning areas that are visible and don’t realize … Read More

Confined Dust Risk

Industries With A High Combustible Dust Risk

As an industrial facility, you can’t help but create dust from the manufacturing process. After a while dust will start to buildup on the floors, the machinery, high surfaces and even in the HVAC system. You might be thinking to … Read More

high surface

Top Issues Caused From High Surface Dust

When walking through an industrial facility it’s easy to only look at eye level and consider it clean. Unfortunately, high surface areas such as high ceilings and rafters are often left out of the industrial cleaning process. Since these areas … Read More