Ceiling Tile Restoration

Hughes Environmental uses ProCoat Products for Ceiling Tile Restoration. By leveraging this acoustical coating, we provide a turn-key application service to resurface the entire existing tile ceiling system in place.

What is Ceiling Tile Restoration?

This process incorporates both cleaning and coating technologies, resurfacing the existing ceiling with a ProCoat coating, which is similar to, but higher in quality than the finish manufacturers apply to new tiles; providing a like-new appearance and better than new function. Read some of the benefits that Ceiling Tile Restoration provides:
Is a Brighter White than a Brand New Ceiling Tile and conventional latex paint (has a huge WOW factor)
Outlasts the Life of a New Tile as far as retention of brightness/color and resistance to dirt, dust, and the yellowing caused by UV light exposure
Improves the Acoustical performance of the tile
Provides a Class-A Fire Retardant surface finish that reduces the flame spread rating from 25 to 5
Can match ANY Color, enables creativity
Is not a chemical cleaner, dye, or a conventional paint

Why Ceiling Tile Restoration?

Is approximately 1/2 the total cost of New Tile Replacement
Takes approximately 1/3 the Time of New Tile Replacement
Can be completed during off-hours, when the facility is vacated
Resurfaces and finishes the Entire Ceiling System in place (i.e. grid, air diffusers, vents, and speaker plates)
Will not leave the tiles stuck to the t-bar system

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Our Ceiling Tile Restoration Services Are Best For:

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Ceiling Tile Restoration For LEED Credits

Our Ceiling Tile Restoration service using ProCoat’s Acoustical Tile & Ceiling Coating (ProCoustic) contributes to earning LEED Green Building Credits:
Resurfacing the existing ceiling is the benefit of recycling of materials, thereby reducing the demand for “virgin materials” and dramatically reducing solid waste disposal in landfills. (Credit 3.1 & 3.2 – Resource Reuse)
Has an extremely low VOC level that is well within the range that satisfies Green Seal Standard GS-II requirements. (Credit 4.2 – Low Emitting Materials: Paints and Coatings)
Decreases energy consumption since lower wattage bulbs can be used due to the greater light reflectance of ProCoustic

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