Financing & Leasing Options On Hughes Services & Products

HE Financing & Leasing Options

Hughes Environmental is pleased to announce we are now offering financing & extended payment options on services and certain products. These innovative programs have helped thousands of companies nationwide in securing the necessary capital for large jobs and/or equipment purchases, and now we are pleased to offer you this option, too! These creative programs have helped various types of businesses, so if your facility is in need of facility disinfecting, combustible dust or duct cleaning, high surface cleaning or dry ice blasting, we may be able to finance the cost of that program! Is your facility looking to install UVC Disinfectant lighting in your HVAC system? We may be able to finance the cost of the equipment and installation.

We are partnering with Fidelity Capital to offer our clients a Financing Program.* Fidelity Capital for over a decade has provided financing solutions to companies ranging from start-up medical practices to high-growth tech & biotech firms, and Fortune 500 Companies. The Financing Program is designed for large Capital Projects where other means of funding are not available. The Financing Program allows clients to make payments monthly over a period of 12 months to 60 months, based on the amount and type of project. *


Financing for UVC Services/Products

UVC lighting is a simple and effective way to curb bacterial and viral growths. These specialized lamps produce an ultraviolet (UV) light that disrupts growth and deactivates existing growths, aiding in the disinfection of surfaces, water and more. Using one in your facility can help improve everything from air quality to the health and well-being of you and your occupants. Some of these services and products include:

  • Installation of UVC Systems at the Coil
  • Purchase of Mobile UVC Units
  • Purchase/ Installation of UVC for PTAC Units


Financing for Facility Cleaning / Disinfecting

  • Electrostatic Spray Disinfection
  • BIOPROTECTUs™ System to disinfect and protect surfaces


Financing for Combustible Dust

When dust is dispersed throughout oxidized air, it can creates an explosion hazard. When the dust cloud is confined in a closed area it does not have the air movement from wind to disperse it; dust particles can instead stay suspended in the air for days at a time. This allows the levels of dust particles in the air to increase and provide more fuel for the resulting explosion. Some dusts can ignite just from touching hot machinery, while other dusts ignite after being exposed to a small fire, spark, static electricity, or even a lit cigarette.


Financing for Commercial Duct Cleaning

Commercial duct cleaning can help your business save money on energy by allowing your facility’s ventilation system to run more efficiently, and help reduce the risk of fires in the ductwork — especially in manufacturing facilities where combustible dust is present.  It also helps improve indoor air quality by removing dirt, dust and debris from your HVAC system. This includes cleaning the grilles and registers, which helps to keep particles out of the ambient air.


Financing for Rafter & Ceiling Cleaning

Vibrations in the facility can shake built up loose dust, dirt, grease, and other materials commonly found on the high surfaces, which could contaminate the production below.  Chunks of this debris can enter the ventilation and clog up the HVAC system. This creates poor indoor air quality, which according to the EPA is a leading environmental threat and cause of airborne sickness. Not to mention, some dusts can become a fire hazard when built up on high surface areas. Numerous explosions have occurred when built up dust created an explosive dust cloud.


Financing for Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blast cleaning uses solid Carbon Dioxide (CO2), a non-abrasive media that won’t damage surfaces or equipment when used as the blast media. The accelerated, super-cooled dry ice pellets or particles are blasted at supersonic speeds and sublimate on impact resulting in the surface being cleaned, lifting dirt and contaminants off the underlying substrate.


Hughes is also offering an Extended Payment Program, which will allow our clients the ability to extend payments over a period of 3 – 6 months, based on the amount and type of project.  This program is designed to allow our clients the flexibility to proceed larger projects within their Maintenance Budgets, that otherwise would have been prohibitive due to monthly Maintenance Budget constraints.