Importance Of Duct Cleaning In Nursing Homes

Duct Cleaning Improves Air QualityGrowing up we had someone who was there to take care of us when we needed them the most. Now that we are older we want to show our appreciation by providing them the same care they once showed us.

As a senior care facility, you have many vulnerable lives that you want to help protect and keep safe. Unfortunately, it is often assumed that being indoors is a safe and healthy place for people who have health issues, but this actually puts them at more risk. In fact, inside air is up to 10 times more polluted that outside air, and after construction or renovation it can be up to 1000 times dirtier than outside air. Although this statistic is dangerous for anyone, it is even more important to keep in mind for people who are forced to spend most of their time inside. And nursing homes are one area that this is a severe issue and where indoor air quality should be closely monitored. One way nursing homes can ensure a clean and safe environment for their residents is through duct cleaning.

Cleaning your facility’s ductwork is the first step in removing airborne contaminants and allergens out of the air they breathe. Duct cleaning is an important part of keeping an environment safe and healthy for everyone that enters through your doors. Since, the ductwork is out of sight, it is often out of mind and may not regularly be cleaned. This allows the ducts to become a breeding ground for dangerous pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus. These toxins will grow inside of a dirty ductwork and can cause devastating harm to residents with weakened immune systems.

Residents who are exposed to this air contaminates would experience symptoms such as breathlessness, coughing, wheezing breath and even cases of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This is why it is more and more important for buildings to ensure their levels of indoor air pollution do not reach dangerous levels, especially places like nursing homes that would expose people with weaker immune systems or health issues.

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