Industrial Cleaning Helps You Save In More Ways Than One

As we near the 4th quarter of 2019, many business owners and managers are preparing their 2020 budget. If you are a facility manager, make sure your budget includes industrial cleaning. Keeping your facility clean and safe is an investment– in your building and your employees. Protection and prevention are priceless!

Combustible Dust Explosions

A combustible explosion can be catastrophic! Between costly OSHA fines, employee medical payments, legal fees, and rebuilding costs, a company can end up spending over millions of dollars to recover from an incident. The time lost in acquiring new business and running current production alone is a costly. How can you avoid these? Get rid of the dust! Hire a professional that is knowledgeable, certified, and experienced in combustible dust cleaning.

OSHA Fines
Citation fines and penalties from OSHA and other organizations can add up quickly–even when no incident has occurred. But if an incident does occur, the fines are definitely more. The average fine for a facility that has combustible dust violations can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and if there were to be an explosion those costs can go into the millions. Suddenly paying for the professional industrial cleaning sounds more reasonable!

OSHA can issue hefty fines for various violations, not just combustible dust.
Citations could include anything from improper eye and face protection gear to machine guarding to fall protection.

Medical and Insurance Costs
Treatment for injured workers can be extremely costly and emotionally distressing– for the workers especially, but also to their families and co-workers. The physical and emotional toll can permanently disable workers. The loss of income is immediate but can become long-term and long-felt. The loss is great (and costly) for everyone. So why put your employees at risk?

The Good New is…

The good news? If a business adheres to OSHA standards and implements routine industrial cleaning (including combustible dust cleaning), workplace incidents can be preventable. Spending time and money to ensure a risk-free facility with a safety-focused budget goes a long, long way.

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