Avoid High Expenses With Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning is not an expenseIndustrial facilities are always trying to find ways to reduce operating costs and save money in order to increase profits. Unfortunately, industrial cleaning services is often one area where budget cuts are made, leading to a lack of worker safety.

You may save money in the short term by neglecting industrial cleaning standards, but when an issue happens it will end up costing the company far more. Between OSHA fines, employee medical payments, legal fees, and rebuilding costs, a company can end up spending over millions of dollars to recover from an accident.


The damages done to facilities involved in a dust explosion can end up costing a company millions of dollars and this doesn’t include the costs from medical bills, legal fees, lost production time as well as the cost to rebuild the facility.


Fines and penalties from OSHA and other organizations can add up quickly even when no incident has occurred, but are even higher after one has. The average fine for a facility that has combustible dust violations can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and if there were to be an explosion those costs can go into the millions. Suddenly paying for the professional industrial cleaning sounds more reasonable!


Treatment for burns can be extremely costly and emotionally distressing to the workers injured during an explosion. The physical and emotional toll that being burned creates can cause an employee to be permanently disabled, which can increase costs for everyone involved.


The good news is that all of these incidents are completely preventable, and spending a small amount of time and money up front can prevent an explosion and the costs associated with it. Not to mention, planning for industrial cleaning services in advance gives you time to put the costs into your budget and work around any issues that might arise.

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