Industrial Disinfection For Healthy Buildings

Industrial Disinfection for Healthy Buildings

In these unprecedented times, industrial disinfection cleaning services are more important than ever to the health and safety of your employees. December is one of the busiest times of the year for many people and making sure to schedule your facilities cleaning services far enough in advance is important, before things become a severe issue. There are many different solutions, but some of the key services for industrial disinfection for a health building include, HVAC systems cleaning, In-duct UVGI Systems, electrostatic sprayer, and BioProtect™.


HVAC Systems Cleaning

A Dirty ductwork becomes the perfect breeding ground for mites, mold, bacteria, viruses, and other poisons that are toxic to the environment, which can cause employees to become sick. Not to mention, Accumulated dust can pose as a fire hazard. According to NFPA 654, cleaning is needed immediately “whenever a dust layer of 1/32- inch thickness accumulates over a surface area of at least 5% of the floor area of the facility or any given room.” The same rule applies when it comes to cleaning a facility’s ductwork.

Cleaning your facility’s ductwork is the first step in removing airborne contaminants and allergens out of the air they breathe. Duct cleaning is an important part of keeping an environment safe and healthy for everyone that enters through your doors.

  • Improves airflow, allowing your facility’s HVAC system to run more efficiently
  • Reduces the risk of fire in HVAC Systems — especially in manufacturing facilities where combustible dust is present.


UVC Light Disinfection for Coils

Germicidal UVC is designed to save energy and maintenance costs associated with HVAC Systems. Mold (biofilm) on coils of only 0.002 can reduce efficiency by 37%. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is the most effective and practical solution for industrial facilities.

In-duct UVGI systems are mounted inside AHUs or ventilation ductwork. When selected to produce appropriate irradiance levels, in-duct systems can be effective for air disinfection. An in-duct air disinfection system inactivates microbes suspended in the air (e.g., viable influenza viruses) as they move through the duct or AHU, so the organism is no longer capable of causing and spreading disease.

  • Installed close to the coil can restore coil capacity
  • Has the ability to return HVAC systems close to the original system
  • Kills bacterial growth by shrinking biofilm on the coil


Industrial Disinfection Cleaning

There are many different methods for a facility disinfection cleaning. Two of the best solutions is a combination of utilizing an electrostatic sprayer to apply a disinfectant/solution that is EPA approved and BioProtect™.

The Electrostatic Sprayer is a cordless backpack that offers a full room cleaning by electrically charging the chemical solution so that when released, the solution quickly bonds to surfaces instead of falling straight to the floor. The droplets pass an electrode inside the nozzle creating a magnetically charged spray that seeks out and wraps around all touch points and grounded room surfaces. Based on CDC Guidelines, particular attention should be given to:

  • Workstations
  • Counter tops
  • Doorknobs/Handles
  • Elevator/Buttons
  • Security Card Readers
  • Faucets
  • Escalator handrails


The BIOPRTECTUs™ System uses patented, registered technologies to modify surfaces, providing such surfaces with disinfection against viruses, odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and durable long-term antimicrobial surface protection (for up to 90 days) that inhibits the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and algae that can exist on many surfaces.

Hughes Environmental use BioProtect in a 3-step process, and when applied to a porous or non-porous surface, BIOPROTECT™ forms a covalent bond with the substrate, creating a micro-biostatic antimicrobial coating.

This coating forms a layer of spikes (self-assembling monolayer), each of which carry a positive charge that attracts negatively charged bacteria*.

*odor & stain causing bacteria

Once attracted, the molecular spikes pierce the cell and rupture its cellular membrane. This technology inhibits and prevents the spread and growth of odor and stain causing bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and algae.

Step 1: CLEAN

Start off by cleaning and removing dirt, grime, and oils using a Standard cleaning agent.


Disinfect areas using the EPA list N: Hospital Grade Disinfectant, like SmartTouch®.


Apply the antimicrobial surface coating. Once fully dried, you have finished the Hughes 3-Step Cleaning Service!



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