Top Issues Caused From High Surface Dust

high surfaces
When walking through an industrial facility it’s easy to only look at eye level and consider it clean. Unfortunately, high surface areas such as high ceilings and rafters are often left out of the industrial cleaning process. Since these areas are out of reach and out of sight they are not regularly cleaned, and all the dust from the manufacturing process collects on these surfaces while the rest of the building appears clean. However, while it may seem that as long as that ceiling dust stays up there it’s not hurting anything, when in reality it is causing numerous problems within the building.


Issues Caused From High Surface Dust?

Debris Falling

Vibrations and air movement can cause loose built up dust to fall and contaminate production areas below. This can lead to higher than expected numbers of quality control issues, or even damage machinery.


Less Efficient HVAC System

Chunks of dust can be blown into the ventilation system, clogging the HVAC and making it work harder to move air throughout the building.


Employee Health Risks

Accumulated dust creates the ideal breeding ground for mites, mold, bacteria, viruses, and even insects or rodents. Mites and mold can cause allergic reactions in some people; bacteria and viruses will spread throughout the building making your employees sick.


Dust Cloud Explosion

Certain types of dusts can pose a fire hazard when they collect in large enough areas. Many secondary explosions in factories have been caused by an explosive dust cloud forming when dust is knocked down from high surfaces.


Dust collected in out of sight areas creates the largest hazard and should be a regular part of combustible dust cleaning procedures. Not to mention, OSHA will inspect according to NFPA requirements, and will give expensive citations for any buildup dust in these areas.

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