high surface

Top Issues Caused From High Surface Dust

When walking through an industrial facility it’s easy to only look at eye level and consider it clean. Unfortunately, high surface areas such as high ceilings and rafters are often left out of the industrial cleaning process. Since these areas … Read More

Duct Cleaning Improves Air Quality

Importance Of Duct Cleaning In Nursing Homes

Growing up we had someone who was there to take care of us when we needed them the most. Now that we are older we want to show our appreciation by providing them the same care they once showed us. … Read More

dust explosion hazard

Prevent A Dust Explosion Hazard In Your Ductwork

The manufacturing or processing of materials such as wood, plastics, fossil fuels, food, paper, textiles, metals and chemicals can generate dust that is combustible. And it is well-known that combustible dust collected in visible areas or on high surfaces is … Read More