Dirty Ducts Contribute To Sick Building Syndrome

There are many reasons to have industrial ventilation and commercial air ducts cleaned on a regular basis. These reasons include increasing HVAC efficiency, maintaining the ventilation equipment, avoiding contamination of the manufacturing process, and avoiding accumulation of combustible dust. Yet … Read More

Industrial Cleaning is not an expense

Avoid High Expenses With Industrial Cleaning

Industrial facilities are always trying to find ways to reduce operating costs and save money in order to increase profits. Unfortunately, industrial cleaning services is often one area where budget cuts are made, leading to a lack of worker safety. … Read More

Is your dust combustible

Is Your Dust Combustible?

Combustible Dust is a hot topic these days, but what is so surprising is that there are still many facilities who are a ticking time bomb but think they are safe from an explosion. All too often when our technicians … Read More