Arc Flash Assessment - 5 Steps to Compliance

Arc Flash Assessments – 5 Steps To Compliance

With only a little less than a month left in the year, which means you’ve probably been working hard on your fire and life safety plan for the New Year. One service that should be included is Arc Flash Assessments. … Read More

Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips

Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, which as we know is the kickoff to all the holiday season madness.  This of course means there will be a lot of cooking and hanging of holiday lights and decorations. Unfortunately, that also means this time … Read More

Dirty Ducts Contribute To Sick Building Syndrome

There are many reasons to have industrial ventilation and commercial air ducts cleaned on a regular basis. These reasons include increasing HVAC efficiency, maintaining the ventilation equipment, avoiding contamination of the manufacturing process, and avoiding accumulation of combustible dust. Yet … Read More