Seasonal Shutdown: Areas You Should Consider Cleaning

seasonal shutdown

As we make are way through fall and into winter, anyone in the industrial industry is probably thinking about their plant’s upcoming seasonal shutdown. This is a period of time when all production comes to a stop within a plant, allowing maintenance and cleaning to be performed when machinery is stopped and there are no employees to work around. But, even with this time set aside just for these yearly tasks, seasonal shutdowns can be a stressful time for those in charge of planning it. Some companies have even done away completely with their seasonal shutdown to try and save money. However, these periods are important to your facility. If you’re planning your seasonal shutdown it’s time to think about what cleaning your building needs. Here are a few things you might want to consider.


Dirty Machinery & Equipment Cleaning

With constant use the machinery and equipment in a manufacturing plant will get coated in dirt, dust, and grime from the manufacturing process. As with all machines, certain parts will also wear out or become less effective with use. Providing time for the machines to be thoroughly cleaned and replacing any problematic parts will ensure that it is able to operate at peak efficiency for the upcoming year, a helps prevent machinery breakdowns during production.


High Surface Cleaning

Cleaning these high surface areas is difficult, if not impossible, to do when machinery is operating and employees are present, but when the plant is shut down it becomes much easier to clean this dust. If this dust is combustible OSHA requires companies to clean it when it reaches 1/32 in thickness. In some of these hard to see areas the dust can build up to be much thicker than this. Cleaning this can eliminate an explosion hazard and avoid costly OSHA fines.


HVAC & Ductwork Cleaning

It is important for employee health that the HVAC system is able to effectively clean the air they are breathing. The EPA has found that indoor air is around 5 times more polluted that outside air, with some buildings having 100 times more pollution. Keeping the air system clean and effective makes sure the air employees are breathing is not dangerously polluted.


Facility Deep Cleaning

Using a combination of hand wiping and/or an electrostatic sprayer to apply a disinfectant/solution that is EPA registered will also help fight against the cause of viruses and bacteria on surfaces. Make sure to target high touch surfaces, such as, light switches, doors and door knobs, desks and chairs, water fountains, and any common areas that get a high volume of traffic.


If you’re planning your seasonal shutdown it’s time to think about what cleaning your building needs. Contact a representative at Hughes Environmental to discuss your cleaning needs and what we can do for you during your shutdown. Even if your company doesn’t have a seasonal shutdown we will work around your schedule to get any cleaning services performed.

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