High Surface Cleaning Case Study


When this major, big-box retailer came to us, we had the answer to their problem. The problem was stores are constantly scheduled for rearrangements where this retailer is constantly changing product locations - moving them to different parts of the store, changing traffic patterns.

These store moves revealed dust buildup in the ceilings and rafters and provided an opportunity to clean these high surfaces.  This client has approximately 350 locations across the Midwest and Southern United States. At any one time, 30 stores are undergoing store rearrangements. That’s where Hughes comes in. This major retailer contracted with us to perform high surface cleaning in more than 100 locations. The size of each of these retail locations is at least 200,000 Sq. Ft.

Hughes methodically dispatched teams of 2 across the United States to tackle the task at hand. Our High Surface cleaning services included:

The end result are cleaned high surfaces that shoppers and store employees immediately noticed.

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