Hughes provides a comprehensive range of industrial cleaning services to motels, hotels, resorts and casinos. Our wide range of facility cleaning services fit the specific needs of the hospitality industry:
  • Exhaust Ductwork Cleaning in Casinos in smoking areas;
  • Kitchen Hood Exhaust Cleaning in kitchen areas;
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning for heavy use dryers from linen cleaning;
  • Cleaning of all types of commercial HVAC Systems;
    • Large Air Handler Units and Roof Top Units
    • Supply, Return, and Exhaust Ductwork
    • PTAC and VTAC Unit Cleaning – often found in guest rooms;
    • Rafter and Ceiling Cleaning for atriums and conference centers;
    • Facility Disinfecting and BioProtect application for long term protection against surface virus, bacteria, and molds;
    • UVC Lighting Solutions for coils, and upper air;
    • Ceiling Tile Cleaning and Restoration – much more cost effective than full replacement;
    • PuraShield Air Scrubbers to purify air and eliminate odors

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