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Breathe Easier With Industrial Cleaning Services

We help our customers create safe & clean work environments by providing quality industrial cleaning services. Working with Hughes, you can expect technicians who are trained, certified and up-to-date on common best practices for industrial cleaning. That means terms like lockout/tagout, proper equipment, antistatic, intrinsically safe, and grounding aren’t just safety buzzwords to us. That’s why we are proud to be a National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA)-certified company that has earned their prestigious “Outstanding Safety Award” every year that we’ve been in business.

Industrial Wall Cleaning

Hughes Environmental utilizes many techniques to safely and efficiently perform industrial wall cleaning. Our recommendation is to use a specifically designed foaming agent that encapsulates dust and safely removes the dust from wall, ceilings, girders, framework and other areas. The industrial foam cleaning agent encapsulates the dust and carries it down to low-lying areas. The foam then dissipates allowing the remnants to be either swept away or safely vacuumed up.

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Heat Exchanger or Furnace Cleaning

Heat Exchangers are used in a wide variety of industrial settings, including chemical plants, petroleum refineries, fossil, hydroelectric, and co-generation power stations, and more. Which is why heat exchanger or furnace cleaning is a vital service for proper restoration.

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Industrial Exhaust Systems Cleaning

The exhaust is one area of an industrial facility that is constantly subject to contaminants such as grime, grease and dirt. For a production unit or the kitchen of a commercial establishment, the exhaust system often ends up looking similar. The very reason for the existence of the exhaust system is in degradation if it is not cleaned and maintained. Industrial contaminants accumulating in an exhaust system can very easily pollute both the workplace as well as the environment. If left alone, substances can accumulate on the surface of the exhaust system reducing its efficiency and causing permanent damage as well as the impact on the quality of production.

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Baghouse or Dust Collector Cleaning

Dust collector maintenance services has been our business for over 35 years. Our field service team identifies the overlooked details that affect dust collector maintenance and performance. Hughes technicians bring this experience to you whenever we are inspecting, troubleshooting, repairing, or conducting modifications on your dust collector system.

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Industrial Plant Deep Cleaning

Hughes Environmental uses first-class modern specialty devices and cleaning equipment. We specialize in industrial plant deep cleaning services for many industries including factories, manufacturing plants, warehousing, food manufacturing, hospitals, schools and universities amongst others. Our skilled technicians are trained to safely clean your facility and bring it back to full operating efficiency. Our highly trained deep cleaning team uses different cleaning capabilities to deep clean behind and under equipment; every surface; difficult or dangerous to reach parts of your plant equipment; ceilings and walls and all the hidden areas where grime, grease, and dust can accumulate and pose a health or operating hazard.

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Industrial Oven Cleaning

Grease, crumbs, soot and other types of residue accumulate in industrial ovens over time, affecting how well they function. Industrial oven cleaning is an important part of factory maintenance and safety for many benefits. Industrial oven cleaning reduces fire risk while improving mechanical and operational efficiency. Oven cleaning keeps heat levels at their proper calibration by removing food and other debris so as to not contaminate the product.

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Industrial Tank Cleaning

At Hughes Environmental, we manage every aspect of your facility's tank cleaning project. We will oversee the cleaning, product recovery, transportation, treatment and disposal of tank residues. While choosing a tank cleaning contractor, several factors should be considered like the experience of the tank cleaning service provider you are choosing. Rest easy, knowing that our experienced crews, equipment and facilities are on hand to reduce your wastes and accompanying disposal costs. Regardless of tank size or the quantity of remaining product, we guarantee that our team of experts will leave your business with a clean tank.

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Industrial Silo Cleaning

Periodic industrial silo cleaning is important for several reasons including, but not limited to: cleaning out residue buildup, reducing production line clogs, removing food contaminants, preventing micorbial contamination, protecting against infestation, and maximizing storage capacity.

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Paint Booth and Line Cleaning

No matter what industry you’re in, every quality paint booth requires routine paint booth and line cleaning due to overspray. Overspray is a continuous problem. It creates buildup on walls, floors, and booth equipment, which can clog ventilation screens and reduce critical air exchange. Overspray can also coat light panels and reduce visibility. Excessive buildup on paint conveyors and hangers can lead to dripping and quality issues.

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Printing Press Cleaning

The many intricate parts of a modern large-scale printing press can be a nightmare to keep clean. The countless hours spent printing causes these complex pieces to accumulate ink, paper pulp and debris creating printing issues. Alignment problems, blurry and distorted prints and high scrap rates just to name a few.

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Confined Space Pit Cleaning

Cleaning tanks, silos, and vessels would be a pretty straightforward process if not for the complexities and inherent dangers of Confined Space Pit entry itself. However, when it comes to confined space cleaning, nobody does it better, safer, or more efficiently than Hughes Environmental.

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Cooling Tower Cleaning

Cooling tower cleaning is crucial to facility health and efficiency. Over weeks and months, nutrients, airborne dirt and debris collect and affix to different components of cooling towers. If not properly maintained, these deposits, along with the scum that accumulates, can cause blockages and corrosion which impairs the operating efficiency. This can lead to significant damage, even possible failure of the system. Additionally, soiled cooling towers decrease the heat exchange efficiency and increase energy costs.

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Exterior Building Pressure Washing

Exterior building pressure washing is necessity for large commercial and residential buildings. As we all know, the first impression can quickly become a lasting impression. That’s doubly so for exterior commercial building cleaning, or the lack thereof. If the structure of your building is dirty, then don’t expect frequent visitors to your home or a plethora of business to come your way. Keeping a clean and appealing exterior is as important as having clean teeth. You want your place of business to shine, and it’s worth it to pressure wash large buildings.

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Mold Remediation

Molds can grow on virtually any substance, as long as moisture or water, oxygen, and an organic source are present. Molds reproduce by creating tiny spores (viable seeds) that usually cannot be seen without magnification. Mold spores continually float through the indoor and outdoor air. As science has expanded its knowledge in the study of mold hazards, the process of removing mold in any structure has led to incredible ingenuity and technology. Today, the health field and the insurance industry recognize that mold remediation is a requirement for affected structures whose continued use is necessitated.

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