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uvc uses in manufacturing facilities

UVC Uses In Manufacturing Facilities

UVC light has been used substantially for over 40 years in disinfecting water, air, products, and surfaces against bacteria, viruses, and other disease causing microorganisms. UVC lights are most often used with other technologies in a multi-barrier approach. This ensures … Read More

HE decontamination protocol

What Is Our Decontamination Protocol For Infection?

Preventing the spread of viruses is a hot topic amongst business owners and facility managers! As businesses continue to slowly reopen their doors to employees and the public, now is the time to take extra measures to ensure that your … Read More

UVC Light and Deep Clean For Industrial Facilities

In these unprecedented times, UVC disinfection and facility deep cleaning services are important to the health and safety of your employees. There are many reasons why industries are turning to germicidal UV technology for¬†industrial air cleaning systems. First, they enable … Read More

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