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Certified Air Duct Cleaner

Importance Of Using A Certified Air Duct Cleaner

When a commercial building needs its air ducts cleaned, often it will be treated as a minor cleaning service and given to the lowest bidder. This is problematic, because commercial air duct cleaners should always be certified by NADCA, the … Read More

Grandcamp Industrial Explosion

Remembering The Deadliest Industrial Explosion

This past weekend marked the 70th anniversary of the deadliest industrial explosion in the United States, and it’s worth taking time to remember those killed and injured and to pay attention to the safety changes that were instituted because of … Read More

Zippo dust metal fire

Combustible Metal Dust Fire At Zippo Factory

Even a manufacturing plant that makes lighters is not immune from fire risks, and a Zippo factory in Pennsylvania found this out when a dust fire occurred on Monday, April 3rd. The fire was started in an exterior dust collection … Read More

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