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Long-term Care

Every moment is precious when you’re responsible for the health and safety of others. And when the people in your care are elderly residents, those moments just became all the more urgent. The indoor air quality and cleanliness of long-term care facilities is of particular importance when the residence have weakened or compromised immune systems, and when the facility is where they have chosen to call their home. This is why putting your trust in a company that has extensive experience working in the healthcare industry, and the environmental safety industry are both mandatory when selecting an environmental cleaning contractor to make your long-term care facility healthier and safer. We have the experience. We can help.
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In the Industrial world, it’s all about finding the right contractor for your facility. They need to be experienced. Meeting the plant’s safety requirements? That’s also a must. And most importantly, they should know the hazards associated with combustible dust, working around sensitive equipment, working high in the air off aerial lifts, and the OSHA Codes and Standards each manufacturing plant must strictly adhere to . It’s a lot to look for in a contractor. Fortunately, we’re not in short supply. Hughes’ technicians have completed OSHA Safety Training, fall protection training and confined space training and are familiar with the nuances involved while working in an industrial setting. We know what we’re doing. Let’s get to it.
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Hughes provides a comprehensive range of industrial cleaning services to motels, hotels, resorts and casinos. Our wide range of facility cleaning services fit the specific needs of the hospitality industry:

Exhaust Ductwork Cleaning in Casinos' Smoking Areas
Kitchen Hood Exhaust Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning for heavy-use dryers from linen cleaning
Cleaning of all types of commercial HVC Systems
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The healthcare industry is unlike any other. You need someone familiar with its intricacies. A partner that won’t blink an eye with Joint Commission and accrediting organization requirements when it comes to code compliance. We understand the risks involved. We know the importance behind each and every life safety inspection. We’ve worked in over 5,000 hospitals, medical office buildings and diagnostic centers across the country. Our technicians are versed in Infection Control procedures, the use of negative pressure containment tents, and will adhere to your facility’s ICRA guidelines. Hughes is the right choice for the job..
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Hughes has extensive experience working with Federal, State, and Local government agencies throughout the country. Hughes has performed work in a wide-range of government facilities, ranging from courthouses, jails and prisons, military bases, to government run hospitals and veteran’s homes. Hughes also has a network of Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses, Minority and Woman Owned Small Businesses to partner with on federal and state projects.

By contracting with Hughes, you will experience:

Ease of Procurement with Hughes' experienced team that understands the government buying process
Approved service offering and pricing
Easy to find on GSA Advantage®
Experienced & Trained technicians
Hughes has past experience working in many Government Facilities including:

VA Hospitals
VA Clinics
Military Bases
Military Housing
Federal Office Buildings
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The health and safety of our children is paramount to all of us, which is why Hughes’ services are front-of-mind in the Education industry. Hughes’ services have always been of paramount importance in K-12 and Higher Education, as Hughes’ services address indoor air quality for students; by managing mold, and bacteria with duct cleaning, and UVC lighting. When the coronavirus hit in 2020, Hughes’ services took on a heightened importance, as the services Hughes has been providing for years, where now able to combat COVID-19. For educators and administrators having a company that has been in the indoor air quality industry for years, and not one of the many fly-by-night companies that has popped up in the past few years is a must. The safety of our students, and staff is too important to rely on a company that doesn’t have the experience and expertise of Hughes Environmental.
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When it comes to commercial buildings, no one knows better than our project managers and technicians. They’ve worked all over the country, in all types of commercial facilities. Experience is what gets the job done right. And that’s exactly what we have. All of our staff has OSHA training and a combination of in-house and manufacturer training, and years of experience working in a wide array of commercial properties. From large projects to small, regardless of time constraints, we can get the job done. Let’s get to work.
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