HVAC Exhaust System Cleaning Case Study


Major Tier-2 Automotive Supplier located in Kentucky needed a quick solution to clean Weld Systems Exhaust Duct Systems.

In 2010, a major Tier-2 Automotive wheel manufacturer had a small fire in one of their weld exhaust duct systems. This created a major safety concern for the facility and its employees because of the potential damage that could have

After the fire, Hughes Environmental was called upon to clean the system. In fact, Hughes has cleaned the system yearly as a part of a preventative maintenance program to make sure everything is functioning properly. This customer has been very proactive in maintaining the cleanliness of the Weld Exhaust system since 2010. The end result is a safer and cleaner facility for their employees which is their top priority

We at Hughes Environmental have the necessary infrastructure and technology needed to handle certain complex exhaust systems. For example, laboratory and manufacturing fume exhaust hoods. Depending on the kind of
contaminant level, a cleaning solution may be used to disperse the accumulated dirt and facilitate cleaning. When necessary, scrapers may also be used to remove extremely stubborn build-up.

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