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Lux UVC Handheld

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$1,499.00 /unit


Introducing the Lux UVC Handheld, a mobile, ultraviolet (UV-C) light disinfectant solution.

The Lux UVC Handheld offers medical-grade UV-C technology in a lightweight, mobile design. Built for precise, targeted disinfecting of complex objects or hard to reach areas, the portable UV-C unit makes it easy to get areas otherwise missed by larger products.

While our standalone UV-C units are a great option for room cleaning, some spaces or objects that are intricate or “busy” require more focused attention. That’s why we’ve created the Lux UVC Handheld unit for ultimate control on where the ultraviolet germicidal light is directed. Three handles provide flexibility on reach, height, and operational comfort.

This technology that has been used and tested in the healthcare system, we’re now bringing to your homes and businesses.

UV-C disinfecting light is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses - even coronaviruses like SARS.

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