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UVC Mobile Unit - Deluxe


$5,847.00 /unit


UVC Mobile Unit - Deluxe

(Mobile Remote UVC RIDS System)

The powerful, Mobile Remote UVC Disinfection System is multi-patented and scientifically proven. Bring the power of highly concentrated germicidal UVC disinfection technology wherever it is needed for air and surfaces in healthcare facilities, laboratories, cleanrooms as well as food preparation and processing plants. The Mobile Remote UVC Disinfection System provides infection control in hospitals/healthcare centers and schools; mold and bacteria control in food processing areas; and surface treatment in laboratories to prevent cross-contamination. 

Mobile Remote UVC Disinfection System Benefits

  • Highest performance: Delivers the highest output germicidal UV 
  • Scientifically proven results: Uses the proven power of germicidal UV energy as an effective inactivation method for pathogens 
  • Safe and ozone-free: Uses no chemicals; produces no ozone or other toxic contaminants 
  • Portable: Flexibility to quickly bring the power of UVC where and when you need it 
  • App-Enabled: Download the smart-phone enabled application to control the UVC disinfection system 
  • Manages risk: Improved environmental hygiene means improved clinical outcomes, reduced cross-contamination and enhanced food safety 
  • Saves time and money: Reduces manual terminal cleaning time and costs 

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